Kalven website CO2 reduction

Kalven website carbon footprint reduced

Kalven website carbon footprint reduced


Did you know:
If the internet was a country; it would be the 4th largest polluter.

A single page website visit emits 1.76g of CO2 on average due to the intense processing power required to load and deliver a page.  With over 1.13 billion websites competing for attention and web pages full of data, it's no wonder that the internet guzzles up energy like a thirsty monster.

Improvements on the Kalven website

By investing in our technology and optimising our website, the Kalven CO2 footprint has been massively reduced to 0.5g per visit!

To do this, we have:

  • Changed to a green hosting provider (Siteground).
    SiteGround’s hosting platform runs on the premium Google Cloud infrastructure and Google’s data centers match 100% of their consumption with renewable sources, ensuring optimal site speed, high levels of redundancy, and sustainability.

  • Optimised images and code using the lastest PHP verson.
    Huge updates to the code running our site means it runs ridiculously fast and is much more energy efficient.
    Achieved with reduced fonts (only two fonts used across the site); optimised images (lazy loading, image compression, webP adoption); consolidated HTML, CSS and JavaScript; inline zip compressed html delivery and both local and server-side caching enabled. 

  • Blocking bad bots and international traffic.
    The Kalven website can only be viewed by real visitors from the United Kingdom & Ireland.

  • The Kalven website is hosted on a UK server.
    Not only is international traffic is rejected, but the shared virtual server stack technology is more efficient in the pursuit of improved web performance, achieving the same outcomes with less processing and energy. Using the latest stable web technologies generally delivers optimal performance, security, and energy efficiency.

It was a lot of work, but yes! We think it was worth it.  (...and yes, Steve is a geek and proud of it!)