Kalen news article

Supply chain issues

Some of the raw materials we use are becoming scarce.

In 35 years of trading, we have never known the timber and board markets to be so difficult.

We have worked hard to find alternative sources of supply and adjusted product construction methods to overcome the shortages.

Please be assured; Kalven will never downgrade the high quality of our products, and alternatives always meet or exceed our own high expectations.

Where alternatives cannot be found, we are dropping models from the website until materials can be secured.

There are still no cardboard or plastic components in our products.

Our prices have increased a little, but we are not passing the full increases on to our lovely customers. We have achieved this by operating on a greatly reduced margin.

Thank you for your understanding in these difficult times.


Current supply problems

  • Birch plywood is predominantly produced in Baltic and Russian states.
    We cannot source birch plywood until sanctions against Russia are lifted.

  • Timber round posts are mainly grown and milled in Baltic and Russian states.
    We have changed to Nordic timber which is currently more expensive and in short supply.
    British grown and milled timber is also available; but is prohibitively expensive.

  • Furniture grade chipboard is still in short supply due to manufacturers closing during Covid-19.
    Over the last two years the price has more than doubled. The high price seems to be stabilising and we are hoping it will begin reducing soon.
    Cheaper Chinese strawboard is available, but we refuse to use it because the product would not last nearly as long.

  • Electricity in the workshop has increased 500% per kw/h and the standing charge has quadrupled.
    We have invested in low energy LED lighting in the main work areas. Cost/benefit analysis shows this initiative will be cost neutral in 6 months and will then deliver a saving.